Shipping Policy

Shopcreativebarbados provides various shipping methods to facilitate the movement of products from vendors to buyers in a safe and reliable way. The following document outlines your obligations as a seller, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

An important part of your buyer’s experience is their ability to receive their order in a timely manner. Getting shipping right translates into excellent reviews and repeat customers. So, let’s delve into nailing this process.

  • Provide an accurate “ships from” address, found in your “vendor account profile.”

  • Specify your shipping costs and processing times in your listings (the processing time is the length of time between when an item is ordered and when it ships).

  • The faster an item is shipped and received by the customer, the quicker you get paid. Items must be shipped no later than within 10 days of purchase unless otherwise specified in your listing.

  • Some products may require specific documents to clear customs internationally. Please ensure that you have completed all the relevant documents in advance to avoid delays in delivery. Find more information here.

  • Please verify that you are shipping to the address listed on the buyer’s receipt. If the address is in another language, please contact the customer for an English translation.

  • Some of the shipping rates for the more popular destinations have already been entered and will continue to update from time to time. These rates will automatically be calculated for your buyers upon checkout. However, if you choose to ship to destinations for which the rate is not provided or to use providers not included on our platform, you would need to manually calculate those rates and include them for the corresponding product.

  • By entering tracking information on Shopcreativebarbados, you’re giving us permission to collect and share the tracking information received from your chosen shipping carrier. This information will be used to provide tracking information to you and your buyer directly on Shopcreativebarbados.

Things happen…and sometimes your order may not go as you’d hope. In such cases, we would require you to provide demonstrable proof of having shipped your items. So, we highly recommend that you keep all shipping documents. Remember, you will be held liable if a buyer files a “non-receipt” claim against your store.

  1. Shopcreativebarbados Negotiated Rates

It is our goal at Shopcreativebarbados to leverage the volume of business conducted on our site to drive down the cost of shipping in the region, which in many instances is expensive. As these rates become available, we will be passing on the benefits of the reduced rates to our valued customers.

  1. Fees

The cost of a shipping label will depend on the origin, destination, weight, and dimensions of the package. If you add signature confirmation or insurance, those fees will be added to the total cost of the label at the point of purchase.

  1. Guidelines for Shipping Internationally

Restrictions vary depending on the destinations that you intend to ship your item. Please ensure that you have completed all of the necessary documents for your order to clear customs at the port of entry and avoid unnecessary delays in delivery. Below are links to various shipping providers and the necessary requirements for shipping internationally:


  2. DHL:

  3. UPS:

  4. Failure To Ship

The very survival of Shopcreativebarbados depends on our ability to provide an enjoyable experience in an environment that is secure and fair. Subsequent to a notification of a sale in your store, you will receive a series of automated emails prompting you to ship an order; remember the quicker you ship, the sooner you get paid.

In cases where an item is on backorder, please contact the buyer directly and inform him of the status of his/her order. If you are having an issue with figuring out how to ship, please Contact us  immediately.

Refusal to ship is treated with utmost seriousness as it violates the trust a customer has placed in our sellers and creates an unpleasant experience. If our staff at shopcreativebarbados do not receive notification from a seller regarding problems with a shipment after several attempts to make contact, the sellers account will be suspended.