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How to sell with Shopcreativebarbados?

Here are four simple steps to getting your items listed on SHOPCREATIVEBARBADOS Marketplace.
STEP 1: Be a registered cultural practitioner
To be eligible to vend on the SHOPCREATIVEBARBADOS Marketplace through this program and to benefit from any incentives contained in the Cultural Industries Development Act, the applicant must have completed registration on the National Artists Registry at .To register, visit the website or visit the offices of the NCF’s Business Development Department.
To become a store on SHOPCREATIVEBARBADOS Marketplace you must be selling your own designs and products. We are selective about the kind of stores that can sell on our platform so we ensure that we consistently have the quality curation of stores for a great customer experience. Once you fit the criteria, submit an application and we will get back to you within three working days.
There’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful. However, if you need support in submitting your application you can contact our seller support team.
If your application is accepted (congrats!), the next step is creating your storefront. This is fully editable and will enable you to build your own branded area within the Marketplace. Customisable areas include your brand bio, storefront image, logo and you can also visually merchandise the layout of your products. If you get stuck at any point, the support team will be on hand to help you.
Your brand bio will help you get some traffic from search engines to your store, so make sure you call out key products and your brand’s unique selling position – USP (basically anything someone might search for that you specialise in). Don’t forget to link your storefront to your social media channels, too!
Now it’s time to start listing your items for sale! You can start with as little as five listings. Five images are permitted per product listing, and you must ensure that your images adhere to our photography guidelines. For clothing, the main banner, also known as a hero picture, must be shot on a model, but for accessories and other products all of the pictures can be flatlays showing the product only.
Words are also important – you need to include a concise but informative title and description that tells customers what they need to know. You should also consider searchability of your items here; make sure you are including keywords that people would search for. You should include information on colour and sizes when it comes to Fashion. Add a price to your item and it can go live. Email notifications are given once items sell, which allows you to dispatch the item to the buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do fees work on Shopcreativebarbados?

We charge 10% commission on sales made through our platform. There is an annual fee of $100BDS to use the platform which can be paid on start up in two equal instalments.

We are proud to offer our merchants one of the lowest transaction fees in the Caribbean. We offer a simple flat rate of 3% – 3.5% to most merchants via our payment processor WiPay.

How do I create a store?

It’s easy to set up a shop on Shopcreativebarbados. First you have to be an approved vendor which is granted by the National Cultural Foundation.

Create an account (if you don’t already have one), set your shop location and currency, choose a shop name, create a product listing and that’s it.

How do I get paid?

ShopCreativeBarbados accepts payments via Republic Bank will be deposited into the vendor’s account. We encourage sellers to monitor their sales reports.

Transaction fees can be fully paid by the purchaser or split between buyer and seller.

What can I sell on Shopcreativebarbados Marketplace? 

You can sell clothing, art, literature, accessories, accents and soft furnishings, beauty products and packaged gourmet foods. All items in the marketplace must be of your own independent label. Customers are able to filter the site easily between new and vintage pieces; so you’ll be able to find the audience for you.