About Us

We are a statuatory organisation established under the Cultural Industries Development Act, No.13, 2015 of Barbados to promote, assist and facilitate the efficient development of the cultural industries.

Our Mission

To stimulate the growth of the cultural industries of Barbados through the implementation of effectively designed strategies for the promotion and marketing of our creative cultural goods, services and experiences.

Our Vision

To establish the cultural industries as a leading economic driver in Barbados via the introduction of economic stimuli including investment and tax incentives into the industry; increasing export and trade activity for creative goods & services and working with our partners in facilitating the establishment of Barbadian creative cultural brands for large scale commercial activity.

Our Team

Andrea King Email:andreaking@cidabarbados.org
ext: 715

Senior Business Development Officer
Andre Hoyte
Email: andre.hoyte@barbados.gov.bb
ext: 740

Business Development Officers
Ramona Grandison
Email: ramonagrandison@cidabarbados.org
alternate email: developingbarbados@gmail.com
ext: 757

Richard Skeete
Email: richardskeete@cidabarbados.org
alternate email: bdoculture@gmail.com
ext: 232

Senior Accountant
Shawn Lynch
Email: shawnlynch@cidabarbados.org
ext: 293

Film Comissioner
Annette Nias
Email: projectsbarbados@gmail.com
ext. 715

General Inquires
Email: info@cidabarbados.org

Our Board

Dr. Adrian Cummins Q.C. – Chairman
Mrs. Shelly Williams – Deputy Chairperson
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth, currently represented by Mrs. Ruth Blackman
Mr. Malcolm Smith
Mrs. Alison Beckles
Mr. Gilbert Rowe
Mr. Kevin Hinds
Mr. Richard Haynes
Barbados Investment Development Corporation CEO Ex Officio, currently represented by Mrs. Sonja Trotman
National Cultural Foundation CEO Ex Officio, currently represented by Mrs. Andrea Wells, Chief Cultural Officer

How We Work


Assist in the promotion of creative goods, services, and experiences towards the growth of large scale commercially activity locally and internationally in the cultural industries.

Investment & Incentives

Via legislative action we have put in place attractive tax incentives and attractive returns for investors designed to encourage the growth of creative businesses and projects to stimulate the cultural industries.

Support & Monitor

With the establishment of the National Artistes Registry, the launch of the cultural industries mapping programme and the creation of product development programmes with our partners, we are moving towards the collation of data designed to impact positively on how we do business, contributing to the enhancing of our competitiveness as a commercially viable industry.